A Better Way to Perform Circuit Training

have a few rules in life. They range from never be greedy to always take a glance at a dessert menu to make sure you are not passing on something amazing. For the most part, I do not violate my rules, although sometimes I bend a little. I used to have a rule along the lines of, do not trust a trainer who has nicer gym clothes than you have suits.

That was until I met the sultan of swagger, Rob Sulaver, founder and CEO of Bandana Training. Rob is the kind of guy who might train in a cardigan (rumors that I have yet to confirm), but he is also built a reputation as one of the better young strength coaches.

It is rare that you will find trainers spending as much time on investing in learning from other trainers as they do building their business. But that is Rob.

I recently asked him to provide an overview of his approach to metabolic conditioning and strength training, which was a big part of his most recent program, The Super Villain Workout. - See more at: A Better Way to Circuit Train